About Hpedia® Data Analytics

Numbers of Hpedia® 

Here some numbers of our database, using AI to find remote customers flying with helicopters platforms. Highlights from the industry and market trend of the helicopter Manufacturers. Hpedia® is a wholly-owned big data analytics platform which uses proprietary algorithm and public (in partnership with GAMA) or owned data

Hpedia® allows organisations to resolve entities and build networks dynamically and in batch. Hpedia® technology is unique; it provides the ability to perform both batch and real time entity resolution and network analytics on thousands of records. Our products are underpinned by widely adopted open source technologies, ensuring alignment with your existing investments, reducing cost and allowing you to own, manage and extend the system.

It consists of two modules. The first is Hencyclopedia which is a database that collects all information and data from existing fleets, operators, used models. The management of this database allows to have a complete census of the fleets and the statistics related to each individual operator. The second is Horacle, which collects all fleet upgrade opportunities, providing a useful tool to companies and suppliers of aeronautical parts.

Key features

  1. Real time: dynamically build entities with varied fuzziness to service multiple use-cases.
  2. Scalable: able to handle billions of records and scales horizontally and vertically.
  3. Open: built on open source technology on non-proprietary data formats and exposes standard REST APIs.